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Convert your analogue audio and video tape recordings to digital... For secure backup, make multiple copies without degredation of quality, send to friends over the internet, preserve precious memories, upload to social media etc Do you need your photos, videos or sound recordings edited? We can perform most editing and converting processes, including noise reduction, still frame capture, scene deletion, scene transition, text overlay etc... please enquire below Tape to DVD conversion VHS and Camcorder tapes can be preserved and protected by converting them to DVDs. (Audio tape can also be converted and saved to CD) tape to dvd conversion in Bideford, Devon DVDs don’t wear out in the same way as tapes so this is a great way to preserve your memories. Video tapes are ageing and you could lose those precious memories. Magnetic tape life is limited, after just 25 plays or 15 years the base tape shows sign of decay. It is increasingly difficult to get older video cameras repaired so you are at risk of equipment failure, where repairs could be very expensive. We can transfer most tapes to memory cards and DVD. Your digital file can then be copied on most modern PCs and laptops for friends or relatives, sharing your joy with others. We can also turn your photos, and videos into professional-looking DVD Slideshow for playback on your TV or computer. If you require editing (scenes deleted/moved in sequence etc) we can do that too at an additional cost. Please enquire if you require this.   Other effects can be created from your images including watercolour effect, black & white, sketch, cartoon and pixelation. We can convert... VHS Betamax 8mm Hi-8 9.5 Cine Phillips 2000 U-Matic NTSC Nominal Charge £25 Average cost = £20 for 2 hours, included printed DVD and case 50 foot reel = £4.00 100 foot reel = £9.50 200 foot reel = £12.00 400 foot reel = £17.00 Music and titles can be added if required £P.O.A Audio Tape Conversion Analogue to digital conversion of audio cassettes Preserve memories in digital formats which can be emailed, stored on CD etc, which can then be copied without any loss of quality Audio editing, noise reduction, volume normalization also performed Special offer price: £5 per cassette onto CD (includes noise reduction if required) Copyright on Tapes VHS transfer work is undertaken on the basis that you are the video copyright owner or that you have been given permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the tape. Commercial VHS tapes, including adult nature videos, can be copied to DVD if you were the original purchaser of the material. Most other tapes, including school plays, christenings, holidays, wedding and party videos as a rule are not subject to copyright and as such can be copied without any problems. The contents of all your material is kept strictly confidential. At no time will any contents or material be disclosed to a third party. All original tapes are returned to you.   How can I place an order?   Simply bring your tapes to us at our address below, or post them to us. (if posting, due to the sentimental value we suggest sending your tapes by Recorded/Special Delivery) Please note: Due to work load with other projects our current turn-around time for conversions is currently at 2-5 days (includes Saturdays & Sundays), please enquire about updated times, sometimes we're able to perform conversions the same day. (Conversion time for video takes the time duration of the media playing at real time, +100% of that time for encoding, menu creation and writing to disc)
Providing Analogue Tape to Digital (CD/DVD, memory key, internet transfer) conversion and editing services to customers in Barnstaple, Exeter, Taunton, Bristol
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We can convert and edit audio and video tapes including VHS, Betamax, U-matic, Phillips 2000, NTSC, 8mm, Hi-8, and cine films. Weddings, Birthdays, sporting events, commercial work, anniversaries, christenings, prints from video/cine
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