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Console Controller Mods
ps4 controller mod
Rapid fire mod chips Installation service
Rapid Fire - You have 10 modes of rapid fire which are easily accessed by using the LEFT direciton on the D-pad. you can move forward or backwards through the modes for easy and fast switching. All modes are programmable to one of 24 different settings. Burst Fire - Each Mode also has an independent burst fire setting. which can be programmed from 2-10 shot per burst. When using the burst fire each time you pull the trigger you will fire you programmed number of round allowing you to better concentrate your fire and conserve ammo. Akimbo (dual) Rapid Fire - Our mods not only allow you to use the right trigger for rapid fire, you can quickly and easily enable or disable the left trigger at any time for use with akimbo weapons in your favorite Game. Mimic - With Mimic Enabled the Right trigger controls the Left trigger. This is great for dual Akimbo weapons to fire both by only pressing the Right  Trigger, or to automatically scope as you start to fire.   Jitter - (Does not currently work with COD Ghosts)The Jitter firing takes advantage of a glitch in most Call of Duty games which allows for faster firing than allowed by normal rapid fire. While this firing is faster you cannot remain scoped while firing, making every shot a hip shot. This is great for up close fighting but not for long distance accuracy. The Glitch that allows this mod to work has been removed on OCD Ghosts but the features has been left in for future COD games or re-releases of older versions. Jitter Sub Modes - With our V3 Mod you now have options for XYY, XYY(black Ops 2 Special) or just YY Jitter. Drop Shot - When drop shot is enabled you player will drop to the ground (prone) as soon as you start to fire and stand back up when you stop automatically. No need to hold any buttons, just fire as normal. Includes support Tactical Layout Drop shot (Right Thumb Click) in addition to standard layout (B). Drop shot sub modes - You now have options to drop/stand automatically, Drop and manually stand and options to cancel dropping if you are aiming down sights. Jump Shot - When jump shot is enabled you player will Jump as soon as you start to fire. This mod has several sub modes allowing you to select if you will only jump once or jump continuously with a selection of three deifferent jump speeds. Jump shot sub modes - You now have options to Jump only once when you start to fire or continuously jump at slow, meduim or fast speeds. Auto Run - When enabled You will run automatically and unlike other mods on the market which require tapping the left trigger to start running, with our mod you just run and the mod automatically detects firing, scoping and reloading and stops running during these actions. Auto Run sub modes -In addition to detecting firing and reloading you can set sub modes to detect Crouching/Prone so that running is suspended automatically durring these activities and resumes running when you stand up automatically. Quick Scope - (Call of Duty only) With Quick scope you can have perfectly timed sniper /rifle quick scope every time. When enabled just hold the Left Trigger and the Mod will automatically fire at the exact moment the accuracy of being scoped kicks in. Quick Scope sub modes - Quick scope can be set to single fire or rapid fire, when the sub mode is set to rapid fire just continue to hold the Left Trigger and the weapons will rapid fire at the speed of the currently active Mode. Adjustable Fast reload - (Does not currently work with COD Ghosts) With the adjustable fast reload enabled you can quickly set and use the reload for almost any weapon allowing you to reload fractions of a second faster than anyone else, without using any perks. The Glitch that allows this mod to work has been removed on OCD Ghosts but the features has been left in for future COD games or re-releases of older versions.   Auto Aim - (Call of Duty Campaign and Zombies only) With auto aim enabled your player will track your target while you hold L1 allowing you to move and fire always staying locked to your target. Auto Sniper Breath - This feature will automatically hold your breath (Left Thumbstick Click) when you aim down the sights with your sniper riffle, allowing you to concentrate on aiming and firing. Perfect Active Reloads - (Gears Of War Only) The Perfect active reloads feature allows you to do just that. Always have a perfect active reload with the most popular weapons. Just select the setting for the weapon you are using and when you reload with RB the mod automatically times the second press of RB for a prefect reload every time. There are currently no GOW games on Xbox One but this feature has been left in for future GOW games. BattleField Auto Spotting - With auto spotting active the controller will automatically press the “RB” button once every second (the max rate allowed by the game). When you are aiming at an opponent they will be marked with an indicator above their head for you and your team to see, giving your team a significant advantage. Auto Spotting Sub Modes - You can select to only spot while aiming or to constantly spot all the time.